A river runs through it

Third consecutive post which is a review of a movie which tells a lot about what I have been doing these days.

This movie again came with some strong recommendation from IMDB. When I took this movie and Big Fish I was expecting something on the lines of our own Thavamai Thavamirunthu but except for very few similarities in the plot line nothing much is same.

This movie is about an American family and the bonding between the family members expecially the two brothers. Its starts with the time when their dad takes them out for fly fishing. They grow on to become a professor and a journalist.

It shows how the people bond with each other. The fly fishing plays major role.

The movie has some spectacular cinematography. The movies does sometimes feel like its going nowhere. The movie doesnt have a extrodinary plot as well. The movie is simply about a family.

The movie didnt trigger any emotions inside me like some movies did but it is not bad as well. If you have time and would like to see some beautiful sceneries with a soft theme then you can go ahead for this one.


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