New Year

Christmas gone and New Years day still left. Papers are filled with advertisements about New year bash. All the advertisements shows that there will be couple of actresses or dancers who will be performing on New years eve. All of them are shown in sexy poses. New year parties have become good hunting places.

PS: I am not saying this out of "chee chee intha pazham pulikum" mentality. Let them enjoy :-P

People have made these days so special sometimes as these days approaches mind is filled with dreadful thoughts. Most of the time we end of watching TV for 10 hrs that day getting out of sofa only for eating and pissing. At the end of the day the thought about pending work at office start to haunt us and the next day we sit with an upset stomach in toilet worrying about the work we postponed.


Niths said…
Happy New Year Ramesh :)
I am surprised that you seem piss off as you pen down this article. Its not about Christmas or New Yr, any holiday is treated big and then the next working day is a pain!!
Dan said…
thanks and wish you the same nithya. hope you are back in chennai.

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