FM at night

Try listening to any FM station in chennai after 10. All you can hear is Ilayaraja songs. The selection of songs will be so cliched that we might feel like kicking the RJ.

Some songs which are played after 10 are

1) Kodiyile maligai poo
2) Raasathi unna kaanatha
3) Kanne kalai maane
4) Aathadi kaathadi koothada
5) Poo vasantha raja
6) Ilamayenum poongaatru
7) Poove semboove un vaasam
8) Kodai kaala kaatre

the list is endless ..

They think people will be in mood to listen to such songs only and the comedy is many people think we should listen only to such songs at night.


Vijayan said…
Yup. I used to hear Suriyan FM or Big FM we'd hear some nice lovable and romantic il.raj hits and SPB hits
S.Srikanthan said…
enga ungaluku intha gaandu ;-)
cowey said…
sariya sonna maams... appadiyae andha paata kettutu secured a thoongara aalungala odhaikanum :-)
Vijayan said…
See in this busiest century u cant deserve much time to listen songs especialy in IT, and main thing u'll hv to collect gud songs from net which u like, instead the radio is one tech & gud thing. Dont waste our time whenever u want just simply switch it on and listen if u dont like simply tuning to another. Only for like me such kind of people

Not like you guys, downloading and keep downloading and wasting your precious time and so sleepy at office premises
Dan said…
well said vijayan

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