The concept of reservation itself is a debatable one. Now the government of India has introduced a bill reserving 33% of seat in parliment for women. Now everyone knows men will make puppet women to stand in election just to meet the numbers. Let us forget and forgive that joke because there is a bigger joke.

Two jokers Mulayam singh and Lalu prasad have issued statement that since there are no reservation inside the reservations they are withdrawing support to the congress govt. They want reservations for Muslims, SC, ST inside that 33% reservation.

Now the media forces its mike in the faces of these two thespians as if each word they utter is diamond. The media sorrounds them like they are the future forces of India. Why the fuck media gives important to these jokers? Sometimes Media too does it like interviewing a joker. But the joke is not understood by many. The intelligent public most of the time think that these jokers are the real saviours.

If A tries to appease a sect by giving some freebies, B tries to gather the support of the left sect by opposing the move. At the end of the day both A and B are like jackals but we people end up as food for these carcass eating jackals.


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