The hottest topic in Tamilnadu now is Swami Nithyananda.

What Sun Media group is doing is cheap journalism. It is just trying to blow this issue out of proportion. It could have stopped with the news rather than showing the clips and pictures. There will always be audience for cheap stuffs, that includes me as well. But there are other channels for that.

There are people screaming, breaking windows of Nithyananda's ashram, beating his poster with chappal. They give interviews saying this person has spoiled Tamil culture. Viduthalai Chiruthai party men burnt the effigy of Nithyananda.

All these so called people are acting like 200% puritans. These same idiots will buy the cheap CD and enjoy it to the core but they act as if they are the guardians of the so called Tamil culture. These kind of jokers who at the drop of a hat start violence needs to be thrashed. Violence cannot be justified in any name. A property of a criminal should not be wasted by breaking and burning. Those items has values. It could be used in constructive way. Atleast if the people who raise their voices are puritans there is some justification.

The only difference between Nithyananda and them is, what Nithyananda did has come out in light but what these guys do hasn't come out yet.


Anonymous said…
I've got to disagree. Nithya preaches integrity and honesty, has lakhs of followers who live and die by his every word, and has a much much bigger responsibility towards society than the creep on the road-side jacking off to animal porn.

No, what I say does not justify the violence, but would you be quiet if the prime minister who preaches national integrity is supporting Bodo militants and Naxals on the side?
Vijayan said…
Hai anoy,

I'm disagreed Ur comment,

Nithy is not god, he just human being like us. Anyone can preaches integrity and honesty But U should hear and analysis and try to be holy this what all the morality is saying but U should not follow the mankind. That’s people mistake those who are believed him and and followed him and those who are doing violence now. Can any one-blame nithy? he is so pity that is his personal life ya. Let him enjoy. Is he told U to follow him?. Is he said, follow me I’ll bring U to god? He might have said for sake of his luxuries life. That is not his mistake Its one kind of biggest business in the world without studying MBA in IIM or ..,

As Dany said everything is correct, what nithy did it came out to light bcoz he is International popular guy. If Ur vicinity people do guilty that will affect only that circumstances. Everybody doing guilty in the shadow of dark definitely one day it’ll come out but u shouldn’t panic. There is a sin, which is integrated in mankind while they born no one can stop it until God stops it (if U believe in the GOD) not human.

What sun is doing u know; Now they’re earning more money out of it. See this is one kind of business. I happened to watch that clip on Sun while I’m having my dinner.
The way of telecast on TV, Its look like BF as dany said. Those who are watched that clip everybody guilty and sinner bcoz we knew that those clips are sin though we watched on TV & You tube And special is If you subscribe to Nakkiran site U’may see full Blue.

Now sunTV also like nithy = both are Equal
Those who’re watched those clips; = those who’re doing violence now. Bcoz all of them followers of them(Sun & Nithy)

Do we know what SunTV is doing? We don’t know so the people shouldn’t open their mouth and they hv to close all the -----------

See may be the video will not affect the people but the narration, which was given by Sun Tv, it was like BF bcoz their intention is affect the young generation and make them to addict to suntv. This is what same nithy did.

If anyone insists u, that insistence weather is good or bad that will affect U immediately. So my conclusion is those who’re weak, pity, poor and lack of knowledge and mind depressed they will be always addict with something such as Liquor, Adultery, Wealth and so on.

If PM does guilty while on his tenure we should keep quite who told u to elect wrong person so the people unable to justify this is not his mistake, this is our mistake and our LAW mistake not shakilah. then how can we say pm did guilty

We’ve to be very careful in this world … See I’m preaching a lot, Do U know me and Pls. dont be a follower of me
Dan said…
what a preaching vijayan ji.


at the end of the day we three (u, me n vijayan) might have the same views but communicate it differently as its difficult to communicate what we feel in just few words.

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