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Finally saw the french movie Ils. Well many of the dialogues didnt sound like french and imdb mentions the filming location was Romania so I assume there were Romanian dialogues as well. Now coming to the movie the comments in imdb mentioned that something bad happens to a couple in a lonely house. This is one of my favorite topics so I immediately wanted to watch it. Straw dogs by Sam Peckinpah came to my mind when I read the comments.

One problem with such movies are I prefer to have to supernatural power at work rather than some serial killer because it adds to the creepiness. But there are some really good tense movies such as Haute Tension which has the serial killer on the prowl. So the question on my mind was whether this movie would be a supernatural thriller or a serial killer thriller.

With such thoughts in my mind I started watching Ils. The movie starts of with two women stranded in a road running through the woods. Then there were some tense moments and after which the movie moved on to the actual story.

The scary moments are pretty intense and we keep biting our nail to know who the hell or what the hell is causing all the problem. As the movie proceeds we see some strange things and some "what the fcuk this couldnt be happening" moments are thrown in. We root for the couple of come out victorious.

Finally the movie ends with a note that this movie is actually based on real events. This movie did remind me of Eden Lake and Funny Games.


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