Recently a small kid was killed in an accident in chennai on the first day of her summer vacation. She was killed by a speeding goods carrier when she slipped on to the road because of sand sumped on the road for construction. I am still not able to get that sad event out of my mind.

The immediate knee jerk reaction from corporation is people should not dump sand on the road and they have provided a number to call in case we find such cases. Always we are reactive and also this will not be enforced. People will continue to do the same things and corporations will exist inactive. But the way they give notices in paper it will look like they are going to arrest lakhs of people for hving dumped sand on road. In India human life has zero value. There are absolutely no measures to prevent accidents. Be it following traffic rules, wearing helmets, getting authorisation for building none of the activities are controlled by government. But the moment people die they will issue notices and then go back into their shell.

We have to blame the people as well for having absolutely no self discipline. Whether he is a IIM gradutate or 1st std fail no one respects any rule in this country. Again I repeat because of the sins of our previous birth we are born in this country.


S.Srikanthan said…
Spot on Comments... What will you comment on the irresponsible parents(may not be in this case, but there are many)?

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