How much violence can your heart take? Is there a limit? I have had the privilige to see some of those really violent, sick movies, as claimed by most of the general movie viewing public. There are movies like Hostel, Saw which has commercialised violence and you know what you will get and they make violence as entertaining. But there are movies like Cannibal Holocaust, A Serbian Film, Martyrs which doesn't entertain you butmake you squirm in your seat. Antichrist was a totally different experience. I was definitely not expecting any violence rather was expecting a psychological movie with lot of sexual acts.

The movie has some rivetting ultra slow motion scenes. The movie starts off with one such screen where we see a kid jumping out of a window when the kids parents are occupied with some intense love making. Have never seen such shots in any movies before. The soundtrakc just adds to the feel.

The couple then move to a cabin in the woods to overcome depression. From here it becomes very difficult to understand the meaning of each screen as every scene is vague. The husband tries to help the wife come out of depression and there is lot of dialogue on woods, satan, fear, acorn, oak trees. I kept wondering if there was something metaphorical going on but I couldnt conclude.

And then you see some of the most violent actions in the screen happening at a lesuirely place. It is so real you will feel the pain.

There are lot weird scenes happening throughout the movie which is topped by the last scene where a fox says "Chaos Reigns".

Overall it was a very different experience. I am unable to decide whether I like the movie or not.


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