Raj Video Vision

I was longing for buying some good Tamil Movie DVD/Bluray. But due to lack of shops my wish never got fulfilled. Earlier Landmark used to have lot of collection but slowly it dwindled. Moser Baer had huge collection but we dont see Moser Baer in the racks.

Last week me and my friend decided to hit the Raj Video Vision store in Anna Salai. I didnt have much hopes as I always felt Raj lacks quality be it Television or Home Video. But the stores look and the collection I saw there completely floored me. I was like a kid in a candy store. But still experience helped me in just choosing 3 movies. So I chose Tenali, Punnagai Mannan and Madras to Pondichery/Adutha Veetu Penn combo. Total came to 407 Rs. I was happy.

At home I inserted Tenali into my player and after whirring for few minutes it said No Disc. Tried with another player same result. So Tenali went to dustbin. Tried Punnagai Mannan it played but they had added rain effect for the entire movie so you will see so many lines which will give you a feeling it is even raining inside the house. Finally the two in one combo both have been directly transfered from Video Cassette to DVD that too from a well used Cassette.

I dont know how this store is surviving for so many year by selling such low quality discs.


Niths said…
hahaha I thought U were going to say the 3 DVD were good... but its bad that not even one was good...

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