For some reason, which I still dont know, Transformers never triggered any interest in me until I bought my blu ray player. Being an audiophile when I wanted to test my player and amps capacity I was sure this is one movie which will be very useful.

I read lot of negative reviews about Transformers and Michael Bay in general. In imdb forums if you dont appreciate an art house work you will be immediately be branded as  a person who is fit only to watch a Michael Bay film. After watching Transformers I dont agree with such comments. There are movies which can touch your heart and there are movies which will make you forget what is happening around you and will run in full throttle. Transformers is one such movie, atleast for me. The bluray and the amp delivered an excellent audio visual treat.

The movie in some way reminded me of Terminator:Judgement day. Two robots looking for one boy, one good and another evil. The movie had some excellent CGI work. The deset scenes were excellent. I felt like I was in the middle of the battleground. There was also some good dose of humour. The battle of good vs evil is never gets boring especially when the adversaries are equal in strength. I am already looking forward to watch Revenge of the Fallen. The 3D blu ray of  Dark of the moon is also on its way. I am looking forward to some exciting moments.


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