Ichi the killer

I always assumed the person appearing on the cover for this movie was Ichi. But when I saw the movie I realised there is lot more to the photograph. Now this movie has again been commented as one of the most difficult movie to sit through as it is very violent. I agree and dont agree with that comment.

Is the movie violent? Yes. Are the violences difficult to watch? yes but the entire movie has a dark humour feel that makes us sit through the violence. I was expecting a very serious violent movie but was pleasently surprised to see a dark comedy.

The movie is almost a super hero movie with lot of twists. This comes from the director of Audition. This movie is about the battle between Kakihara and Ichi both of them are almost invincible with both of them having some strange characters.

The ending as usual will leave us a but confused but not as much as Audition did.

This is definitely worth a watch but there are some extreme gore be warned.


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