Whenever you look at the world around you, you get a feeling how vast is the universe. Especially when your spirits are down and you have a pressing problem the moment you come out of your room and mingle with the world, the problem slowly seems like nothing when compared with the vast universe. The moment you go back into your room the problem again envelopes you.

But still there is one scary thought. Though the universe is so vast it is scary to think that if you dont have money it is going to be difficult to survive in this vast universe. The idea of just living on things grown naturally  without doing any work or worrying about what to deliver tomorrow, though sounds sweet its not possible. Was that how man was supposed to be? Was that how the earlier man was living? Was he happy then? Or was he worried about the natural predators around him?

The moment we build a shelter to protect us from natural predators the civilization starts and lifestyle goes downhill from then on and finally you end up sitting in front of a computer worrying about meeting tomorrows deadline.


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