Resident Evil

Though being a big fan of Zombie movies for some reason I have always been avoiding Resident Evil series. But when Amazon announced release of all 4 movies bluray boxset, I decided why not. I have finished watching first 3 parts and my views are mixed.

On the movie its not exactly a typical zombie movie. It has lot of elements in it with the hero being a super human being who can dodge bullets from series of machine guns and can do some things which only superman can do. The movie has non stop action so we should just hang out all logical reasoning and sit back and enjoy the action. Many things wont make sense but still good action. Some characters do irritate when they behave as if they are in Ridely Scotts Alien.

On the bluray though I am extremely satisfied especially with the sound effect. The discs has some extrodinary sounds not only for the movie but for the trailers included as well. This is definitely one movie which can test the capacity of our speakers.


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