Sucker Punch

Well Well Well where should I start? This is one movie which I have been wanting to see for a very long time. When the movie was released I didnt give it much thought but after watching Dawn of the Dead remake I became a fan of director Zack Snyder and desperately wanted to see this movie. When the blu ray era arrived I reserved this movie for blu ray. After watching the trailer in Amazon my expectations only grew. Finally I ordered it through Amazon and ordered the extended cut as I wanted drink in all the action.

Finally when on friday night I sat to watch this I was disappointed with the sound effect of the bluray. That too after watching some good sound effect from Resident Evil series I was really disappointed. After the first fight I dozed off, yes really. Even Emily Browning couldnt keep me awake.

Continued to watch it on Saturday afternoon and again dozed off inbetween. Finally when the movie was over I was sad I had spent some good money on this movie. The soundtrack was one on which I had great expectations but due to not so good sound quality I couldnt enjoy it.

After going through imdb there are still people who say there is lot more to Sucker Punch. I will definitely give this another chance. There are movies which I had liked only in the second sitting. I wish this is one such movie otherwise its 10 USD down the drain.


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