The Poughkeepsie Tapes

This movie follows the style of a mokumentary. This is more like the movie The Onion but this is more gruesome than The Onion. This movie is about a serial killer and is shown mostly in the form of commentaries by the investigators, pathologists and the video footage taken by the killer himself. The movie has a very authentic feel and it is very close to a real documentary.

The killer kills these people in most gruesome manner and also he recorded his killings. The way he makes victim of the innocent people he meets on the road makes us panic along with them. Especially the first murder of a little girl though not shown on screen makes us gape at the screen with fear.

The story of another girl who gets kidnapped by the killer and is kept alive for a long time makes really a sad picture especially in the end when we see what happens to her, it just hits us in our face.
Though this might be an work of fiction I feel the place we live is only as real as this. This fact makes it very hard to watch it and in the end the movie leaves a strong foot print in our mind.


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