Jurassic Park - Bluray

It was one of the toughest decision I had to make whether to go for Jurassic Park Bluray as I already owned the series in DVD. After days and days of dilemma my heart won over my mind and I ordered Jurassic Park - The Ultimate Trilogy.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most best series in the world of movies. If I have to rank them The Lost world would come at the bottom. The first part and the third one ends in tie for the first place.

Regarding the blu rays I found the third part having extremely rich visuals and audio and then comes the first part. I was not that impressed with the second parts transfer to bluray.

The blurays are definitely a step above the DVDs on the audio front but on the video front it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the DVD and bluray but for most of the part visuals are more stunning than the DVDs.

So if you are in dilemma on whether to live with DVDs or go for the bluray do not think again go for the bluray especially when it is available at such a good price in www.amazon.co.uk.


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