There are movies which show things and scare you and there are movies which just works on your imagination without showing anything onscreen. Jaws, Blair Witch falls into the later category and there are plenty of movies on the first category. Tesis falls into the later category. My introduction to snuff happened through 8mm. I was shocked but was strangely curious and followed Nicolas Cage in his steps to see what was actually happening. Vacancy which on on the same topic was actually more scarier compared to 8mm whose aim was not to be scary. A serbian film actually pushed the boundaries.

Now coming to Tesis its from the director of The Others. I found The Others interesting when some of my friends thought otherwise. Tesis too somewhat follows the footsteps of 8 mm in finding out the perpetuator of the crime. In that process it reminded me of the movie Scream in certain aspects where the suspect keeps changing every minute.

The heroine of the movie looks beautiful and vulnerable which ups the tension and a but of eroticism. Finally right before the movie ends the movie tries to show what it has been denying from the begining and thats when .. see the movie for more :)


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