I was never a big fan of AR Murugadoss. I found Ghajini to be a cheap imitation of Memento and I did not get a chance to see Ramana. I never had the urge to watch 7 am arivu.

After Villu and Sura I try to stay away from Vijay's movie as much as possible.

Now Thuppaki is combination of the above two and so obviously I never had any intention of seeing this movie.  Finally after reading some positive reviews I thought of taking the risk of watching this movie and the result was I was pleasently surprised. The movie was not bad at all. It was indeed neatly packaged.

Though the story is the same Vijayakanth type story it has been executed differently. We do find many of the cinematic cliches such as villain never finishing of the hero even when he has him at gun point. Vijay looks stylish and we can see he has started underplaying for the past couple of movies and it works for him. There are no over the top punch dialogues. The major let down are the songs. I felt they could have been a lot better.

Another major problem I had was watching this movie in Mayajaal. I got tickets for the second row from the screen and it was very uncomfortable to sit at that position and watch the movie. I had to come out with a pain in the neck.


Vaish said…
Read ur blog after a v loooong time.. hope to watch this in coming weeks.. u missed one thing that i noticed in other reviews, vijay not removing his military dress :)
Dan said…
welcome back

I did notice that and many other loop holes and absurdities but we can all consider them under cinematic liberty :)

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