Ever since Dancing with Wolves I have been a big fan of Kevin Costner but my knowledge on his films is limited with just that one movie. I have heard of Waterworld that it was a disaster. After Mr.Brooks my admiration for him has only increased.

I like Mr.Brooks for the fact that it doesn't try to confuse you and let you do lot of analysis on what happened in that movie. Many movies which are based on the subject that this movie is based on always try to act intelligent and leave you with a feeling of "What the hell just happened?" during ending. This movie avoids all that and you can engage right from the first scene.

It has some excellent and composed acting by Kevin Costner who just mesmerises you as the serial killer. This movie has some very complex moments and people react in a composed manner in those moments. There are no over the top display of emotions. There is a subplot involving Demi Moore but its sad we dont see the same Demi whom we saw in A few good men or Indecent Proposal. This movie does remind us some movies in the past but still it stands on its own. They could have avoided the cliched ending of dream but still the current ending also is great.


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