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After a dry patch of watching some not so good movies I chanced upon couple of movie which just impressed me in more than one way.

The first movie was "Doubt" starring Philip S Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Though the movie looks like based on true events I was glad it was not. It has some great acting from the stalwarts and it is a pity that Hoffman is no more.

The second one was "In the name of my father". This movie based on true events is scary. It is so difficult to think that the Police can go to any extent. It is scary to think that there can be so many innocents who might have lost their life framed as convicts, who might be currently serving their sentence in prison. The world is definitely unfair.

This reminds of 2 Kings book in the Bible where one of the Israelite King Basha spills innocent blood and how much the Israelite's had to suffer because of that.  Though there can be revenge for lost innocent lives, lives lost are lives lost. They never gets a …

Explicit Movies

Recently got the chance to watch a Korean movie "The Handmaiden" and a French movie "Blue is the warmest color". Both movies have some very explicit scenes. Now can these movies move forward without the explicit scenes, I feel yes. Unless the movie tries to be about eroticism I feel the movies can definitely do away with such scenes. There are movies which keeps these scenes just for some shock value. The above two movies has much more than these explicit scenes. I do not think that there is a need to have such elaborate scenes to make the audience understand how the protagonists feel. Our movies have been doing it for ages to show the connection between two individuals without having to resort to explicit scenes.