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China pulled it off successfuly. China all while has been considered as a closed country. Country behind iron curtain. Now they have successfully completed Olympics in both conducting and winning. India cannot dream of this in another 50 yrs also.

Whenever we raise any issue in India they blame it on population. China being more populated than India atleast has couple of cities which are comparable to any western city. Now people will scream do you know people suffer a lot in china because of communism and they will say India is the largest democracy in the world. Hypocrites.

China is striclty controlling its population. We keep blaming population for everything and do nothing to control it.

Its so fucked up.

Beijing 2008

Atlast some good news for India. In our lifetime we have seen India win a gold medal in Olympics. Hats off Abhinav.

Kuselan News

I think I am running out of news or this is the only news right now in chennai. Again a news on Kuselan. Most of the magazines has written the movie is good and not bad. Magazines which wrote the movie is not good also accepted Rajini did a good job in this movie. Especialy one of the severe critic of superstar told that Rajini should be praised for doing such a movie though he has not fully appreicated the movie.

For me i didnt find any special acting of Rajini in this movie. He has done this in many of his films but just because they were commercial movies the performance was ignored.

So one thing which is clear from this is the critics are always wrong. If its from Kamal they will apreciate his worst performance also as the best. If its from Rajini they will call his best also as crap just because it is Rajini.

Kuselan could have been made better but Vasu missed a good oppurtunity.

Rajini & Politics

This is the third straight post on Rajini. I couldnt avoid writing about this as this is the much talked about news after Kuselan.

Rajini has clarified what he meant and everyone has become silent as if what he said has rectified everything. If we look at this issue closely the people who started this issue never had any real issue at hand. All they wanted was to create some tension and they did succeed in that. After Rajini regretted what he said they all went back as if things became alright after that. All I am saying is things were right, right from the begining these guys just made it look like a big issue and now gone into covers.

These people will come back again with another issue. They can't remain under covers for long time. It is not their style. They are now watching closely for another slip from anyone especially Rajini. The only solution for this is as Rajini said these guys should be nipped in bus otherwise it will be difficult to remove these guys and these guys will…

Kuselan - Review

First time saw a Rajini movie first day. It was quite unbelievable I got the tickets for the first day show. But in this age of 40 shows per day in single multiplex I think it is not impossible. First thing this is not a Rajini movie as project by the film crew. As conveyed by Rajini it is not his movie.

The first half shows Pasupathy struggling with his Barber shop and the happenings around his shop and happenings within his family. The story moves very slowly and there are few attempts by Vadivel to make us laugh.

Then enters Superstar the movie gains momentum and again drags back to Pasupathy.

The second half is a lot better than the first half. With almost all websites and magazines writing about Kuselan story no point in going through the story. The story is exactly the same with no big twists or anything. Its pretty straightforward.

Cinema Cinema song is good but I was disapointed with Om Zarare song picturisation I had lot of expectations for that song. Perinba pechukaran is good.