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Outside India

In the west the vehicles respect the pedestrian. It will stop for one to cross the road. A pedestrian will respect the vehicle and doesn't come in its path except to cross at designated spots.
Here in our desh it doesn't matter if it is red signal or zebra crossing people drive like maniacs and pedestrians walk like zombies in all directions. If you try to wait for a pedestrian to cross the guy behind you honks the horn such that you will feel you are in front of an ambulance.
If you follow a car at a normal speed and the car in front of you is going smooth and cool be cautious. The B****d might abruptly stop to take a left or right without caring for the vehicle behind.
Almost 90% of the Tata Sumos, Toyota Innovas and Mahindra Scorpios sport a flag in front. Now this gives them license to go at double the speed limit and scare any one else who happens to be on the road at that time.
The only other B****d who is licensed to take on such vehicles sporting the flag is Metropolitan …

A river runs through it

Third consecutive post which is a review of a movie which tells a lot about what I have been doing these days.

This movie again came with some strong recommendation from IMDB. When I took this movie and Big Fish I was expecting something on the lines of our own Thavamai Thavamirunthu but except for very few similarities in the plot line nothing much is same.

This movie is about an American family and the bonding between the family members expecially the two brothers. Its starts with the time when their dad takes them out for fly fishing. They grow on to become a professor and a journalist.

It shows how the people bond with each other. The fly fishing plays major role.

The movie has some spectacular cinematography. The movies does sometimes feel like its going nowhere. The movie doesnt have a extrodinary plot as well. The movie is simply about a family.

The movie didnt trigger any emotions inside me like some movies did but it is not bad as well. If you have time and would like to see some …

Grace is Gone

After the kick ass The Devils Rejects, I saw this movie Grace is Gone. I dont remember whether I read about this movie under Road movies category or emotional movie category but it is of both kind.
Road movies are always a treat to watch. For some reason the travelling through the long unending roads covered by no man land on both sides gives a kind of comfort feeling. Though that is always the premise for a horror flick this time its a heart warming story.
John Cusack father of two girls is taking care of them as their mom has gone to Iraq as part of US army. One day he gets the news that his wife has died. He struggles how to convey this news to his daughters and then takes them on a road trip to a theme park called Enchanted Gardens.
What happens enroute and how he finally conveys forms the rest of the story.
John Cusack as well as the two girls has done a great job. Nothing much happens in the movie except for the conversations between the girls and their dad. But thats what makes it …

The Devils Rejects

Just finished watching the movie The Devils Rejects. I have read about Rob Zombie the director of the Halloween remake. I was interested in watching his two movies House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects.
The movie has the premise of serails killing family on the loose. They kill people for no reasons. How it differs from other movies of the same genre is a) the movie doesnt happen in one single place. the killers are made to run around b) the movie doesnt concentrate of one single family or group which suffers in their hands. the plot is little more broader than that c) the killers are sorrounded by the police right at the begining of the movie d) what happens to the killers? do they get caught or escape? this is shown in a totally different manner.
The movie has the feel of some kickass movies like Planet Terror, Dawn of the dead (remake).
There is good amount of nudity and gore. Sometimes we even start to think whether the director is evil.
If you like some Tarantino, Rodriguez kin…