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Death is the most painful problem in front of human kind. Many by nature finds solution to all the problems he faces. If we just look at all the advancements he has made it will be astounding. For all his problems man has found one solution or other. But still he hasnt found a solution to "the most painful problem" he faces, death.

He has been there for centuries but still he has not made progress even at a miniscule level. He is still attached to the term "mortal". Will mankind ever become immortal? Can the earth survive if there is no death? This point that not everything is under the control of man proves the point that there must be something which is a lot more powerful than man. That powerful thing must have created this world and put in death as something which cannot be overpowered.

Even the scriptures doesnt talk about anyone being immortal.

Will future have the answer for being immortal? Can the creation overcome the rule put in by the creator?

Way out

AIADMK is promising all power problems will be solved by June. Only if Nithyananda can do some miracle and help us that can happen. There is no accountability. The situation could not have arrived one day suddenly. All the ministers would have know such a problem is approaching. What measures they took? In real world if a man fails in such a scale he will be penalised but here we cannot blame anyone. DMK points to AIADMK as if it would have managed the situation and AIADMK blames DMK. I hear in south people have 10 hrs of power cut. In chennai power supply is cut 2 days in a week for industries. Hope the situation deteriorates and everyone goes back to agriculture. Life in stone age would definitley be better than this current age.

No more coding no more sleepless nights. All electrical appliances will have a slow death and Tamilnadu will become pollution free with everyone migrating to other states. Just waiting when that is going to happen as I dont see any signs from politicians t…

Ils - Them

Finally saw the french movie Ils. Well many of the dialogues didnt sound like french and imdb mentions the filming location was Romania so I assume there were Romanian dialogues as well. Now coming to the movie the comments in imdb mentioned that something bad happens to a couple in a lonely house. This is one of my favorite topics so I immediately wanted to watch it. Straw dogs by Sam Peckinpah came to my mind when I read the comments.

One problem with such movies are I prefer to have to supernatural power at work rather than some serial killer because it adds to the creepiness. But there are some really good tense movies such as Haute Tension which has the serial killer on the prowl. So the question on my mind was whether this movie would be a supernatural thriller or a serial killer thriller.

With such thoughts in my mind I started watching Ils. The movie starts of with two women stranded in a road running through the woods. Then there were some tense moments and after which the m…

Bheema Mudhal Mazhai

Harris Jeyaraj songs most of the time will have traces of his previous compositions. Still he has composed some great music. This is one such song. I didnt listen to this song when the movie was released. Also songs other than this one in Bheema didnt impress me much. But this one just blew me away with its excellent music. I felt the background key board work has similarities with AR's Kuluvalile.

A cool song - Merke merke

Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi

Movies which make fun of simple ego clashes between man and woman has mostly tasted success. I can think of Kushi in Tamil and When Harry Met Sally, You have got a mail in hollywood. When mens nature is ridiculed women enjoy it and vice versa. Kadhalil Sothapuvathu Eppadi is also one such story. So you will like it.

Towards the end I felt it dragged a bit but overall its a different style of movie for Tamil audiences. When people act forgetting their images without any build up such movies are a pleasure to watch.

Power cut

If we had never know of electricity like certain remote villages we would have been better off. Being part of Chennai, you get the benefit of 2 hrs power cut every day. One thing we have to appreciate about this power cut is the punctuality with which its implemented.

At our place the power cut is from 8 AM to 10 AM. The moment the longer needle of the clock touches 12 with small needle in 8 the power goes. Atleast here our guys are punctual full credits to them.

Whether we appreciate this or not all the electric appliances in our home will appreciate this as they get a 2 hours break every day.

I wish AIADMK gets a slap in its face in the Sankarankoil by-election.