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Some more

Few days back I read a news about couple of students from SRM college who were waiting outside for bus were knocked down by a vechile. Seems it is an accident prone zone. The traffic commisioner when enquired about this his reply was since that is an highway they cant put speed breakers and they are searcing for solutions.
My first issue is this is one lame excuse. If they decide to put speed breaker they can put it even is a runway. What will he call all those back breaking speed breakers in ECR? Will he call ECR as a small lane? 
May be he was implying they always rely on natural speed breakers which chennai is very famous for.
Today another news that in GN Chetty road a car knocked down an auto (the auto is now unrecognisable) and killed two persons in the auto. This has happened in GN Chetty road which is crowded road where you cant even go beyond 30 km/hr.
Has the governtment taken any effort for prevention of accidents? So many valuable lives are lost because of their inaction.
The p…

Whats the name?

The place where buses stop in the center of the road with no care of road users
The place where passengers get down from the bus wherever they feel rather than waiting for the bus stop
The place where not a single soul respects traffic rules
The place where blind people drive vehicles and brain dead people walk the road
The place where you will be abused if you follow any rules
The place where public authorities find excuses for not implementing rules
The place where people with suicidal tendancies roam around

If with all these clues you couldnt identify the city then please use brailey blog by clicking on the link above

Apocalypse now

After hearing a lot about this movie, I got the chance to see this. The movie unfolds with an interesting plot of a captain who is sent on a mission to kill top guy in the same army who the army feels has gone insane.

The first scene itself tells you what to expect, which is a surreal movie. The captain then goes on a long journey to meet the top guy through a river. The things he encounters on the way and the final meet with the top guy itself forms the crux of the movie.

We are taken through some stunning visuals. Helicopters has never been used as it is used in this movie. We can also see how this movie has set some high standard for war movies.
The movie is not based on true incidents rather it is based on a novel, the theme of which has been changed totally for this movie.

Marlon Brando has very little screen space but since the entire movie is based on the waiting for his arrival he becomes very important for the movie. Martin Sheen is the star of the movie. The movie during the la…


Many things has happened within the past few days
Congress has won the elections by big margin Markets creates records by bull run LTTE chief has been shot dead
The last point will be taken by some people sadly and by some people jubliently. Violence should never be the means for achieving anything. By killing people we only leave scars we dont solve problems. In the past countries always fought against each other but situation has changed but each country has rebels within their country. They cant fine time to eal with them. 
A kills B and C takes revenge on A then D takes revenge on C. There is no ending. Now will this be the end? Hope no one takes revenge and creates another chain of killings. Hope peace prevails for all the people who suffered directly and indirectly.


It took me so long for the next post  just for the reason my BSNL boradband connection suddenly went blank. Now BSNL is one such organisation where nothing is organised. They have big website but you cant find many useful information. The site will boast of call centers, online application form submission etc but nothing will work. If you do submit online form you have sit thinking someone will be working on it but in truth its like putting application into a graveyard pit.
Once my connection broke I raised an complaint with the customer care but after that nothing happened for a week. Then as I kept calling them, they gave me an Engineers number and then that Engineer gave me another persons number who straight away said my area doesnt come under her jurisdiction.
By some magic suddenly one person came and said my modem is dead then he went back and today the same modem works. He came back to say he rebooted something at his end. I dont know what it was that he rebooted. Atleast I appr…


Bought the newly released Chandramukhi DVD this weekend. This is the third time I m buying Chandramukhi DVD. The earlier two attempts the DVDs didnt work properly. This new DVD is from Ayngaran and its a double disk edition. A first of its kind in Tamil DVD world (first time in Indian Market). The Sivaji original DVD is yet to hit chennai market.

Just completed watching the special features DVD. The price Rs 300 is worth for the special features DVD itself. It contains the audio release function, 804th day celebration, deleted scenes and Making of Chandramukhi. It also has the original soundtrack. The movie also comes in Dolby and DTS audio formats.

The deleted scenes is what that interested me. Many of them would have added lot of value to the movie but they have cut them for their own reasons.

If there is anyone who is still contemplating on whether to go ahead and buy this DVD version, my advice is you wont regret it.