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For some reason, which I still dont know, Transformers never triggered any interest in me until I bought my blu ray player. Being an audiophile when I wanted to test my player and amps capacity I was sure this is one movie which will be very useful.

I read lot of negative reviews about Transformers and Michael Bay in general. In imdb forums if you dont appreciate an art house work you will be immediately be branded as  a person who is fit only to watch a Michael Bay film. After watching Transformers I dont agree with such comments. There are movies which can touch your heart and there are movies which will make you forget what is happening around you and will run in full throttle. Transformers is one such movie, atleast for me. The bluray and the amp delivered an excellent audio visual treat.

The movie in some way reminded me of Terminator:Judgement day. Two robots looking for one boy, one good and another evil. The movie had some excellent CGI work. The deset scenes were excellent. …


Whenever you look at the world around you, you get a feeling how vast is the universe. Especially when your spirits are down and you have a pressing problem the moment you come out of your room and mingle with the world, the problem slowly seems like nothing when compared with the vast universe. The moment you go back into your room the problem again envelopes you.

But still there is one scary thought. Though the universe is so vast it is scary to think that if you dont have money it is going to be difficult to survive in this vast universe. The idea of just living on things grown naturally  without doing any work or worrying about what to deliver tomorrow, though sounds sweet its not possible. Was that how man was supposed to be? Was that how the earlier man was living? Was he happy then? Or was he worried about the natural predators around him?

The moment we build a shelter to protect us from natural predators the civilization starts and lifestyle goes downhill from then on and fin…

Midnight Express

When I was watching Midnight Express I couldnt avoid thinking about Shawshank Redemption. I felt Midnight Express was very powerful when compared to Shawshank Redemption. Though I say that Shawshank Redemption is an excellent movie on its own. Midnight express was bloody, violent and raw. Though we know the main character is guilty we still root for him. The point that this was based on a real story makes it even more difficult to watch all the things the main character has to go through. But I did read that the movie has sensationalised most of the events to make it more exciting. Still it doesnt take out the fact the movie is a brutal movie. Brad Davis who has played the role of Billy Hayes has delivered an outstanding performance. The soundtrack for this movie is absolutely awesome. This movie is definitely worth a watch.

Raj Video Vision

I was longing for buying some good Tamil Movie DVD/Bluray. But due to lack of shops my wish never got fulfilled. Earlier Landmark used to have lot of collection but slowly it dwindled. Moser Baer had huge collection but we dont see Moser Baer in the racks.

Last week me and my friend decided to hit the Raj Video Vision store in Anna Salai. I didnt have much hopes as I always felt Raj lacks quality be it Television or Home Video. But the stores look and the collection I saw there completely floored me. I was like a kid in a candy store. But still experience helped me in just choosing 3 movies. So I chose Tenali, Punnagai Mannan and Madras to Pondichery/Adutha Veetu Penn combo. Total came to 407 Rs. I was happy.

At home I inserted Tenali into my player and after whirring for few minutes it said No Disc. Tried with another player same result. So Tenali went to dustbin. Tried Punnagai Mannan it played but they had added rain effect for the entire movie so you will see so many lines which …


How much violence can your heart take? Is there a limit? I have had the privilige to see some of those really violent, sick movies, as claimed by most of the general movie viewing public. There are movies like Hostel, Saw which has commercialised violence and you know what you will get and they make violence as entertaining. But there are movies like Cannibal Holocaust, A Serbian Film, Martyrs which doesn't entertain you butmake you squirm in your seat. Antichrist was a totally different experience. I was definitely not expecting any violence rather was expecting a psychological movie with lot of sexual acts.

The movie has some rivetting ultra slow motion scenes. The movie starts off with one such screen where we see a kid jumping out of a window when the kids parents are occupied with some intense love making. Have never seen such shots in any movies before. The soundtrakc just adds to the feel.

The couple then move to a cabin in the woods to overcome depression. From here it b…